US Mail Forwarding Company

About us

The Amerika International Express had only two employees back in 2004 when it started the import/export business from/to the Untied States of America.Thanks to the email technology, it had been our savior back then because all our business dealings were solely based upon interacting through emails. Trust played a big role; we succeeded because we trusted each other from the very beginning of this journey.

In 2008 a new venture opened for us and we proudly inaugurated AIEUS, the mail forwarding company based in the United States. The colossal boom in the shopping trend from the top notch U.S. Retailers gave us this wonderful opportunity to expand our business and cater our clients with immense satisfaction.

Very soon our hard work and the dedication of every employee became fruitful and we gained a special corner within the hearts of our customers, popularity thrived and so do our dear company AIEUS. We managed to become distinctive because we were the only mail forwarding company in the USA providing the customers with a prestigious address within the USA. We based our headquarters in the hustling and bustling city of New York and managed to gain a supreme reputation because our clients loved to own an address in the state of New York.

Today, we boast a total strength of 5,000 and even more wonderful clients; it's surely a milestone which we have accomplished all these years with our greatest efforts and dedication. The quality of our work is irreplaceable and client satisfaction is our top priority. We are more than happy when our clients are satisfied and happy. We have been fortunate enough to extend our reach beyond the peripheries of the USA; we have maneuvered our operation in China, Turkey, Kenya and Bangladesh. This has bestowed us with even more scope to provide our clients with the unsurpassable customer service.

Our Mission

  • Cutting down on the rising cost of owning an address in the USA.
  • Providing the lowest shipping cost to our clients.
  • Offering the supreme, secure and fastest packing services to our clients.
  • Dedicating our heart and soul to provide our clients with an exceptional customer service that is irreplaceable, unsurpassable and extremely rare.

Our Agenda

  • Very soon we will introduce our websites in Chinese and Arabic.
  • The mobile application is what we want to begin very soon and we are presently working on that.
  • We want to grow and this particular zeal has taken our business ahead of time. Thus, we are thinking to expand our business to a larger warehouse in the city of New York or Tri-state area.