How It Works / Consolidation Service

Make the most out of your shipments by combining your packages together and lowering the cost of shipment.

What is Consolidation Service?

Consolidation Service is a process of combining multiple packages into a single shipping unit. By applying this action, we save space and lower the cost of shipment for you.

Consolidation Service

How Consolidation Works?

  • We gently remove the product from its shipping box. Then we carefully remove all unnecessary packaging. We do not remove the product's original box without the client's consent because sometimes clients who want to resell the products like to keep the original packaging, the box, the bag, and so on.
  • We carefully place each product in the smallest box. Our professionals are highly capable of determining how many packages fit into a specific size box. In some cases, our skilled professionals do some alterations to the boxes.
  • After ensuring the safety of your products in the consolidated shipment package; we take new package's measurements, weight and quote you with the lowest shipping cost.
Shipping Fragile Items

Fragile Items

We respect your concern about the fragile objects because we too are equally concerned about their delicate nature. Our experienced professionals sort out the fragile items with their expertise; this ensures greater safety for the fragile goods. But, if you do not wish to make any changes you are most welcome to mention a comment in your shipping order asking for extra packaging for the fragile goods and a sticker indicating a fragile sign on the box.

Are you still unclear about the consolidation process or do you still have doubts? Check out our video tutorial about the consolidation service and familiarize yourself with the process.