We think it's important to provide multiple options to make a payment. We don't want our clients left out with a single payment method and have no alternatives to shop from USA. Hereby, following payment methods are all acceptable by AIEUS.

Pay with Credit Card


We accept all major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery. This is the fasted payment method in our system however we do research and verification before accepting any credit card usage. This way, we minimize number of the fraud credit card entry to our system.

You can add, edit, or change your credit card information under My Profile section in your Account. If you add a new credit card, we will ask you to verify your again.

Pay with Wire Transfer


This is the second most popular payment method available as an option. You can electronically send fund to us and we'll add the credit to your AIEUS account. We charge $15 per wire transfer transaction. It may take 1 to 2 business days upon we receive your payment and update your credit in our system.

Wire transfer payment instructions are available in the User Panel under Payment section.

Pay with Western Union


Western Union is very fast payment method. This is an ideal payment method if you are in rush to order a shipment. Just be aware that Western Union charges service fees and may differ based on countries.

Western Union payment instructions are available in the User Panel under Payment section.

NOTE: Because we strictly and manually go over each transaction, we only allow one of the payments as an option. You can choose or change your payment option in My Profile in your account. If your default payment method is Credit Card then you can use the other payment methods without any verification.