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AIEUS provides Personal Assistance Service to make the challenges easier for clients who are unable to make a purchase from the U.S. retailers. You have to just create your account with us and then log into your account, fill up the personal assistance request form, and we will make the purchase for you. It's as simple as that.

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What is Personal Assistance Service?

Personal assistance is a service provided to international buyers who are unable to make a purchase in the U.S. due to some challenges. In these types of situations, our sales professionals can make the purchases for you. It's certainly a wonderful service because due to certain challenges you do not have to remain deprived from the online purchases from the USA.


Here are the most important challenges that restrict the international clients from making purchases from the U.S. retailers:

  • U.S. Online retailers deny international credit cards and only accept USA Credit Cards.
  • Companies don't provide international shipping.
  • Auction sites/online retailers require payment by PayPal, check, wire transfer or money order.
  • Online retailers only allow USA billing address.
  • Online retailers are concerned about fraudulent activities and they have the right to block any transaction made outside the USA.

Please note that our office operates during Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

How Personal Assistance Works?

Requesting Personal Assistance Service from AIEUS is a very simple task. In your user panel click on Personal Assistance Service and follow the basic instructions. The website is very easy to navigate and understand.

  • Tell us who we buy from - give us a brief explanation or direct link to which website or auction site we should make the purchase for you.
  • Tell us how to pay - we will make the purchase for you with our own credit cards, checks, PayPal account, or by money order.
  • Tell us what to buy - give us specific details such as a list of items, quantities, and other descriptions we need to complete the purchase. The more specific your description, the easier will it be for us to make the purchase for you.

Once you submit your order, your account specialist will review your order and estimate you with the cost of purchase plus our personal assistance fee. After your approval, depending on the urgency of the purchase your account specialist will make the purchase within 1 to 3 business days.