Over the course of time we faced a few difficulties, we received several complaints from our customer's right after their purchases. They were not satisfied with the contents in the packages and complained that either the content is not of the correct size or the content does not meet the correct weight. We thought of minimizing these problems if not completely eliminating them and we came up with a good checklist that will make every purchase experience a wonderful one.

Prohibited Items to Ship


There are a few shopping restrictions that you have to follow because every country has different rules. Every product is not accepted by every country. Hence, it is always wise to go through the prohibited list of products available in our website. This will help you to select the products according to your country's prohibited list. For further queries please feel free to contact our representatives.


Every country has their own custom rules and regulations. There are many products for which you have to pay a certain amount as the custom duty tax. Before making any purchases, it is always good to check the customs regulations of your own country.

US Shopping Guide


Never ever depend solely on the product images and never make your purchase decision on the basis of the images. Images and the original product may vary. The pictures are uploaded just to give you any idea of the product you will receive. Before making purchases it's a good idea to always research and gain knowledge from various other sources, the best being of course the seller''s web site. Do go through the products details and specifications in details. The accurate measurements of the product will give you the perfect idea about the product. Please note that we sometimes include the weight of the product packaging on the description page.


The shipping cost depends on two factors, namely, the weight of the product and the dimensional weight that constitutes of the shipping package weight. Though the product weight may be light yet it may have a packaging which will be slightly more than the original weight of the product. In that case the shipping cost will be that of the dimensional weight. Do not assume and calculate the shipping costs only by taking into account the original weight of the product alone.

In the tools section you will find the dimensional weight calculator.

Track Your Shipments


Very frequently we receive pressing calls from worried customers stating that they are unable to find their packages in the system! This is a complicated and confusing situation because if you fail to track your package then we too will eventually fail in doing so. We do not have the slightest idea if that package ever existed or ever exists. Please try to understand and co-operate with our team.

To avoid these complications and worries it's always wise to select a seller that provides his items with a tracking number. Sometimes you can also choose the tracking number option from the seller's site. This will enable you to track your package throughout the journey, till the time it arrives at your doorsteps.